It is our policy to deal with our customers honestly and fairly.
Our company director, Mr. Kevin Masters, has over twenty-five years of experience in the building trade.

We will handle any customer complaints as follows:

Verbal Complaints

A customer wishing to make a verbal complaint will be asked to make this complaint directly to our company director.
In the main, verbal complaints will be expected to cover minor complaints only.

Written Complaints

If the compliant is not minor, then the customer will be requested to inform us of their complaint in writing.
We will advise the customer to make sure that their written compliant contains their name, address, preferred method of verbal communication (day, time, landline, mobile), the address of the property and the details of their complaint.
The customer will also be advised to post, fax or email the written complaint to us, for the attention of our company director.

Our Response

We will ensure that each complaint is responded to within seven business days of receiving it.
We will always respond in writing to a written compliant.
If a non-minor complaint ,the details will be entered onto our complaints log, with the customer then advised of the complaint reference allocated, for the use during further correspondence.
We will then advise the customer whether the complaint has been accepted or rejected.
If accepted, we will then advise the customer of the actions that we intend to carry out in order to resolve the complaint and the timescale (s) involved.

Rejection of Complaint

If we reject a complaint, then we will provide the customer with our reasons in writing.
If the customer is not satisfied with our reasons, then we will advise the customer that they may need to consider taking the matter further, either through the Small Claims Tribunal, or a Court of Law, or through a voluntary dispute mediation service.
If the customer confirms that they will not/have failed to take any further action, then we will update our complaints log appropriately, with a status of rejected and closed.

Complaints Log

The complaints log will be reviewed weekly, by our company director and office manager, in order to ensure that all complaints have been progressed satisfactorily and that the current details logged are correct.